BIM: The AB Dimension


Building Information Modeling

Anslow Bryant has full in-house BIM capabilities, which we believe to be an invaluable tool. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a multi-dimensional computer model of a project that can be tied to scheduling (4th dimension), costing (5th dimension) and even product information which then becomes a very powerful tool not only for the Design Team and Contractor, but also for the Owner for future facility operations.

In today’s economy developers need accurate measures of costs and completion dates. With Anslow Bryant’s in-house AB4-D System, detailed examination of your project ensures timely completion, within budget, with no surprises.

1. Virtual Building

Examining the project virtually allows for detection of conflicts and production of the best quality construction documents.

2. Fiduciary Responsibility

We understand the gravity of developing projects within budgetary scope and time lines.

3. Value Engineering

Sometimes particular design attributes cannot be supported by the budget. We examine these situations meticulously and provide solutions to maintain the vision and function with alternate materials or processes.

4. Schedule

From preliminary estimates to final contractual time lines, we understand the need for solid deliverables.

5. Quality

We realize that good is not good enough. As a best of class contractor we excel in providing the highest quality project.

Each component in a project is modeled and when completed the interaction and relationship of each component can be studied from various aspects, helping to identify “clashes” along the way.

Any project can benefit greatly from Anslow Bryant’s BIM capabilities. It will help the Team to study and solve the challenges of a project before they become problems. Phasing and scheduling are critical to a successful project so any challenges we can solve “in the classroom” before they become problems on the construction site will only enhance the schedule and thus assure overall project success.

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Most contractors use BIM for clash detection.  AB takes BIM capabilities further to coordinate models as well as to develop fabrication models.  This brings value to the project by saving time and money.

FASTER (saves time)
TEAM COLLABORATION (including subcontractors)
FACILITIES MANAGEMENT FOR OWNERS (coordinated as-built models can be linked to facility management software packages)