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Our goal isn’t to finish a project. Our mission is to deliver a completed project with a commitment to quality that far exceeds expected standards. We live and breathe the details. Dedication to craftsmanship is in our blood, and it shows in every project.

At Anslow-Bryant, we excel at integrating challenging projects with complex relationships. Every project begins with an in-depth exploration of your needs. We believe the process of understanding your goals is a critical step toward success. With our years of diverse experience in the Houston market, we are well-positioned to provide an array of services, from programming to post-occupancy.

"When you have an engaged and responsive team, the result is excellence. Every project. Every time."

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Hotel Zaza living room and kitchen

Your Partner in the Process

As our partner, you can expect us to provide support through every step of the planning process. Each of our partnerships begins with:

  • Understanding your needs: As you explain your project goals, we will help translate your needs into reality. By truly understanding what you want from your building, we can exceed your expectations.
  • Establishing a budget: After we agree on the project’s goals, we will set and validate its budget with your feedback. You can expect your budget to align with your priorities and desired results.
  • Developing a project outline: With your project’s goals and budget established, we can work with you to create a project outline. We will develop this outline at the very beginning of the project to ensure all parties have clear expectations.

Hotel Zaza living room and kitchen

Value Optimization Over Value Engineering

Consider value optimization the Anslow-Bryant difference. Traditional value engineering involves cutting a project’s size or scope to meet its budget. However, this approach doesn’t consider what you need from your building. At Anslow-Bryant, we implement value optimization over value engineering. With value optimization, you can expect us to optimize your budget and balance your needs with your finances.

Rice UV lab

I have worked with many contractors and Anslow-Bryant is a great team member and understands working in a cohesive unit. Simply stated, they understand that the client and the team come first.

- Saul Valentin, Principal, Collaborate

Our board is the ultimate decision maker and they are extremely pleased with the professionalism and organization of Anslow-Bryant. Their team consisted of project manager, estimator, construction superintendent, all led by James Bryant are all fabulous honest team members. We have had the same team throughout the project. They all attend every meeting. We are treated as this is the only and the most important project they have. We have set communication touch points at the very beginning and the communication continues to be very open and constant between the team.

- Ms. Karen Mowbray, Founder, Charter School Success

I have worked many billion dollar projects throughout the US and Puerto Rico with some of the biggest contractors in the US and your management staff has one of the finest teams of people that I have ever worked with. They have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we will work many more projects together here at BP.

- Danny Webb, BP QA Manager & HSE Consultant

Anslow-Bryant was a great member of our project team.  Anslow-Bryant’s diligence and resourcefulness led them to find numerous savings for our project without sacrificing quality for the end user.  They understood the needs of the owner and acted in our best interests.

- Larry Vossler, Rice University

Let Us Make Construction Project Management Simple

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Almost nine out of 10 partners return to us for work because of how we value our business partnerships. When you work with us, your Anslow-Bryant team will treat you like family. You can trust us to make every step of your project easy, comfortable, and fun. Learn more about our fit and finish approach to design and planning by contacting our team online today.

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