Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling in Houston

Anslow-Bryant has full in-house Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities, which we believe to be an invaluable tool. In today’s economy, developers need accurate measures of costs and completion dates. With Anslow-Bryant’s in-house AB4-D System, a detailed examination of your project ensures timely completion, within budget, with no surprises.

While the added cost of utilizing BIM is not ideal on every type of project, we have the on-site capabilities to provide BIM to our owners as needed.

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Virtual Building Through BIM for Building Owners and Developers

Examining the project virtually allows for the detection of conflicts and the production of the best quality construction documents. During the BIM process, our team will develop an electronic 3D model of your project before the start of construction. Anslow-Bryant BIM involves the following steps:

  1. Our pre-construction team will map out build plans for your project’s structural aspects, including electrical, ducts, plumbing and fire protection.
  2. Using this information, we can collaborate with the project architect to develop your 3D model’s base components.
  3. We will take this foundation and build out a 3D model that includes the design elements you want in your project.
  4. The architect can then add structural details to finish your initial 3D design.
  5. As the final step, we will insert 2D BIM drawings into your 3D model to test and eliminate areas of concern.

I have worked with many contractors and Anslow-Bryant is a great team member and understands working in a cohesive unit. Simply stated, they understand that the client and the team come first.

- Saul Valentin, Principal, Collaborate

Our board is the ultimate decision maker and they are extremely pleased with the professionalism and organization of Anslow-Bryant. Their team consisted of project manager, estimator, construction superintendent, all led by James Bryant are all fabulous honest team members. We have had the same team throughout the project. They all attend every meeting. We are treated as this is the only and the most important project they have. We have set communication touch points at the very beginning and the communication continues to be very open and constant between the team.

- Ms. Karen Mowbray, Founder, Charter School Success

I have worked many billion dollar projects throughout the US and Puerto Rico with some of the biggest contractors in the US and your management staff has one of the finest teams of people that I have ever worked with. They have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we will work many more projects together here at BP.

- Danny Webb, BP QA Manager & HSE Consultant

Anslow-Bryant was a great member of our project team.  Anslow-Bryant’s diligence and resourcefulness led them to find numerous savings for our project without sacrificing quality for the end user.  They understood the needs of the owner and acted in our best interests.

- Larry Vossler, Rice University

Fiduciary Responsibility

We understand the importance of developing projects within your budgetary scope and timelines. BIM models enable us to follow your project expectations through extensive planning. By addressing potential issues ahead of time instead of in the field, we can better meet your time and spending goals. With BIM technology, we can project potential obstacles and develop solutions electronically. Performing this problem-solving in the digital space requires much less time and fewer resources than completing it throughout the construction phase.

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Value Optimization

BIM also enables you to get the most value out of your design. Sometimes, particular design attributes cannot be supported by the budget. We examine these situations meticulously and provide solutions to maintain your vision and desired function with alternate materials or processes. During the BIM planning process, we will compare your project’s required design elements to your budget. You’ll obtain a better understanding of the costs needed for your project through the details we’ll develop with our technology. As we create the project drawings and BIM model, we’ll also propose ways to save you money while delivering the same value.

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Schedule Compliance

From preliminary estimates to final contractual timelines, we understand the need for solid deliverables. BIM allows us to more accurately anticipate your project’s construction phase length through planning and communication. During the BIM phase, we’ll visualize your project’s necessary resources and labor ahead of time. Through this approach, we can plan for pre-fabrication and off-site subcontracting that reduces time variables during your construction phase.

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Accurate and High-Quality Results

We realize that good enough is not good enough. As a best of class contractor, we excel in providing the highest quality project.

Each component in a project is modeled, and when completed, the interaction and relationship of each component can be studied from various aspects, helping to identify “clashes” along the way.

Any project can benefit greatly from Anslow-Bryant’s BIM capabilities. It will help your Anslow-Bryant team study and solve the challenges of a project before they become problems. Phasing and scheduling are critical to a successful project, so any challenges we can solve “in the classroom” before they become problems on the construction site will only enhance the schedule and thus assure overall project success.

Most contractors use BIM for clash detection. Anslow-Bryant takes BIM capabilities further to coordinate models as well as to develop fabrication models. This approach brings value to the project by saving time and money.


As part of our dedication to collaboration, we use BIM technology to improve our communication with you and our teams. We involve all important parties in the BIM process, including:

  • You: BIM will empower you to provide feedback on your project design throughout the pre-construction and construction phases. When you choose to add BIM services to your project, you’ll get access to our 2D and 3D drawings. We’ll discuss your project plans with you and make any modifications needed to deliver your desired results.
  • Our design team: With BIM, we can better collaborate with our design team to provide a structurally sound design. The BIM process involves extensive communication with the architects and engineers to give you functional results that we can execute in the field.
  • Our field teams: Our contractors and subcontractors will integrate your BIM drawings into their work in the field. Our construction workers and team leaders will have access to these BIM files to inform them every step of the way.


Through BIM visualization, our team can have a better understanding of pre-construction planning and project progress to deliver the results you want. Throughout your project, you’ll have access to your building’s drawings and plans. With your BIM drawings, you can give us informed feedback so we can base our work on your exact expectations.


Planning for Remodel Projects With BIM

You can also request BIM services for your remodel project. BIM enables us to visualize your project before and after the remodel so we can validate your existing structure. Older buildings can bring unexpected challenges when we don’t use planning technology. When we use BIM in a remodel, we’ll scan your building’s plans and use the results to anticipate obstacles before they happen. As a result, you can expect faster and higher quality builds.

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BIM Construction Management Through Mobile Technology

Our BIM technology integrates with our cloud services to offer you 24/7 access to your building plans. You can use a mobile app or website to see your BIM drawings and additional documents related to the project. This service will assist you with:

  • Project planning: During the pre-construction phase, our mobile technology will enable you to review our designs and perform virtual walkthroughs from anywhere. You can show your BIM files to any member of your team to facilitate the planning process.
  • Progress updates: As we progress through the construction phase, we’ll send you updated documents such as plans and specifications on our cloud.
  • Facilities management: If we utilize BIM on your project, once construction is finished we can offer an as-built BIM file that will help you with the facilities management process after project completion.

Anslow-Bryant — Your Commercial BIM Company in Houston

At Anslow-Bryant we measure our success through our ability to meet your project goals. That includes providing the right services for you, within your budget. Our BIM process sets us apart by helping to exceed your expectations.

Find out if BIM is right for your project by contacting our team today.