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With more than 26 years of construction experience, we understand the needs of partners like you. You can expect a close working relationship and a smooth project management process from start to finish.  A tight-knit team will work closely with you to manage your large-scale projects during every step.

We use the construction industry’s most innovative approaches to complete projects of any size. Learn more about our commercial construction services and what you can look forward to as an Anslow-Bryant partner.


You can entrust the pre-construction phase to our team and get consistent results in later stages. Request pre-construction solutions such as:

  • Assessments: Site plan analysis, engineering assessments, constructability reviews, and utility requirements
  • Budget planning: Cost estimating, cost control, life cycle cost analysis, and bid support
  • Scheduling: Designating deadlines, developing integrated project schedules, scheduling material deliveries, and designing a reporting schedule
  • Design: BIM and other forms of engineering support
  • Logistics: Assigning deliverables, procuring materials, selecting subcontractors, and developing an execution plan

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Lean Construction

Based on lean manufacturing principles, Lean Construction streamlines project planning and execution. Our team uses the “Anslow-Bryant Lean Method” to manage your project’s schedule and resources. As a result, your construction project will benefit from:

  • Waste Elimination: Lean Construction involves detailed planning and benchmark setting to eliminate wasted time, money, and resources.
  • Resource optimization: You can trust the Lean Method to maximize our use of time and materials. It involves off-site fabrication, constraint tracking and careful planning that make all of your project resources count.
  • Efficient workflows: Efficiency lies at the heart of Lean Construction principles. With every task we complete, we ask ourselves how we can bring you even better results.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes use modern 3D technology in project planning. Our BIM capabilities leverage the precise measurements of 3D models to save you costs, improve your project’s accuracy and expedite your project’s scheduling.

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Mobile Technology

Stay updated on every aspect of your project. Our paperless and cloud computing solutions will organize all of your project documents into one digital source. It covers all project stages, including:

  • Pre-construction: Review project specs and designs by completing a virtual walk-through of your BIM model from anywhere.
  • Construction: Plans, specs, and subcontractor feedback are available 24/7 via our mobile hardware and software solutions to expedite decision-making and improve workflow.
  • Facilities management: Receive as-builts with 3D views and asset details connected to their corresponding location on the drawing.

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Why Anslow-Bryant Is the Right Partner for General Contracting

As your contractor, you’ll immediately become one of our valued partners. You can tap into our cross-industry expertise in various project scopes to get the required support for your contract. At Anslow-Bryant, we pride ourselves on:

  • Strong working relationships: The foundation of your project will lie in our partnership with you. Nine out of 10 of our customers return to us for additional projects.
  • Innovative approaches: Our services will include modern technology and approaches like Lean Construction to make your project more efficient. No matter the size of your project, you can be assured that you’ll receive an innovative strategy for efficient completion.
  • A commitment to safety: Safety is our top priority during your project’s completion. By requiring OSHA Certified training and other safety initiatives, we will take every step to keep you and your team safe.

Discover how our dedication to excellence creates results that exceed your expectations. Learn more about our services by contacting our team today.

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