Our approach to safety is founded on the actions of our personnel.

During the development and implementation of our program, James and Jeff Bryant have communicated a clear directive and expectation for Anslow-Bryant to be the best in class in every aspect of business, but places an even higher emphasis on safety. This directive is put into motion by providing the time, support, and every resource needed for our safety program to be successful. The desire and commitment to be known as one of the regions safest companies has paid quick dividends.

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OSHA Partnered Safety

We have a zero tolerance policy, and our safety program is founded on the same fundamental principles by which OSHA regulations are based. Our approach to safety is a focused effort to remove unsafe actions and conditions from our projects through training, task planning, layout, and coordination. Our goal is to make safety an integral part of operations by incorporating it into our daily activities and planning. This is achieved by selecting a project team that shares our commitment to safety. The measures taken to assure safety compliance include:

  • Each subcontractor attends a formal pre-construction meeting to review their scope of work, and to communicate safety expectations, training requirements, and enforcement measures before they work
  • All personnel performing work attend a site safety orientation
  • Each subcontractor has full-time supervision while performing work
  • Each subcontractor attends weekly safety meetings and addresses safety issues identified in weekly inspections
  • Conducting a full safety audit of each project on a weekly basis
  • Enforcing a progressive program in which workers, foreman, and each subcontractor are held accountable for any unsafe acts or conditions

We are one of the first contractors to qualify and sign the new

OSHA Exemplary Partnership through the AGC.

Anslow-Bryant is committed to safety from the top down.

James and Jeff Bryant have eagerly demonstrated their involvement by attending the same safety training that all Anslow-Bryant team members attend.

  • All Anslow-Bryant supervisory personnel are 30 Hour OSHA Certified.
  • All Anslow-Bryant hourly workers are 10 Hour OSHA Certified.
  • All workers on site are required to participate in site-specific training.

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I have worked with many contractors and Anslow-Bryant is a great team member and understands working in a cohesive unit. Simply stated, they understand that the client and the team come first.

- Saul Valentin, Principal, Collaborate

Our board is the ultimate decision maker and they are extremely pleased with the professionalism and organization of Anslow-Bryant. Their team consisted of project manager, estimator, construction superintendent, all led by James Bryant are all fabulous honest team members. We have had the same team throughout the project. They all attend every meeting. We are treated as this is the only and the most important project they have. We have set communication touch points at the very beginning and the communication continues to be very open and constant between the team.

- Ms. Karen Mowbray, Founder, Charter School Success

I have worked many billion dollar projects throughout the US and Puerto Rico with some of the biggest contractors in the US and your management staff has one of the finest teams of people that I have ever worked with. They have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we will work many more projects together here at BP.

- Danny Webb, BP QA Manager & HSE Consultant

Anslow-Bryant was a great member of our project team.  Anslow-Bryant’s diligence and resourcefulness led them to find numerous savings for our project without sacrificing quality for the end user.  They understood the needs of the owner and acted in our best interests.

- Larry Vossler, Rice University