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Energy Efficiency energy efficient glass

High performance energy efficient glass was used. The frit pattern of the tree canopy on the glass was designed with the energy performance in mind.

Materials & Resource FSC certified or reclaimed wood

All exterior wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The interior wood is FSC certified or reclaimed. All of the wood flooring is regionally salvaged from a turn of the century warehouse in Galveston, Texas.

Green Education Program signage

There is a Green Education Program throughout the building that includes signage, touch screens in the lobby and tours.

Thermal Comfort geothermal well system

The mechanical system consists of a geothermal well system under the parking lot as well as a cooling tower will operate in the off hours when the building is not occupied. This design will help to achieve an estimated energy cost savings of almost 50%.

When is 95 points a perfect score? When AB builds a LEED Platinum building…

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Heat Island Effect green vegetated roof

A vegetated roof helps mitigate heat island effect as well as insulate the building and provide better views for neighboring buildings.

Water Efficient Landscaping reduce by almost 70%

Landscaping and irrigation systems have been designed to reduce potable water consumption for irrigation by almost 70%. Water from the roof will be collected into two cisterns on the back of the building and will be used to irrigate the landscaping.

Alternative Transportation encourages employees to walk for their health

A skybridge connects The Treehouse to MetroNational’s corporate offices in Nexen. More than a mile of Memorial City is now connected via skybridges – one can walk from The Treehouse to Memorial Hermann Memorial City without touching the ground. The building will be included in the MetroNational campus-wide Step by Step Wellness Program that encourages employees to walk for their health instead of taking the elevator or getting into their car to drive down the street to another MetroNational building.

Green Power solar panels

Solar panels on the rook offset 3.5% of the total energy costs. The power the panels generate will be filtered back into the building’s system for its use.


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices. It provides a standard for environmentally sustainable construction.


In addition to being a way to recognize environmental leadership in the building industry, LEED certification was created to develop and address six major areas:

  •     Sustainable Sites
  •     Water Efficiency
  •     Energy and Atmosphere
  •     Materials and Resources
  •     Indoor Environmental Quality
  •     Innovation and Design Process

Currently Anslow Bryant has seven LEED personnel and takes an active role in research and development of sustainability. We recently completed The Treehouse Memorial City which scored 95 LEED points making it the greenest building in The State of Texas to date and earning the U.S. Green Building Council’s highest certification ranking – LEED Platinum. The Treehouse is a unique concept in a collaborative and sustainable office of the future. The Treehouse – a two-story, 14,700-square-foot structure located at 963 Bunker Hill in Memorial City – is home to all of Memorial City’s development activities including, master planning, architecture, construction, and interior design. It combines modern design, innovative technology, and green building principles, serving as a collaborative environment for stimulating inventive ideas between the developer and its partners.
There is no shortage of green elements in The Treehouse.  It boasts a geothermal cooling and heating system, daylight harvesting lights that automatically adjust in response to changing levels of natural light, and a green roof complete with solar panels, rainwater collection, wind turbine and a rooftop garden. In addition, wood used for the flooring on the interior of the building was reclaimed from the Old Cotton Concentration Company warehouses in Galveston, while the exterior wood paneling is Machiche wood, harvested from South America. Inside, the design evokes the outdoors with touches including interior columns wrapped in custom-made tree-like woodwork and conference room tables made from tree trunks. The conference rooms, which are called Nests, face a wrap-around balcony that allows for the outer facing windows to be raised similar to garage doors. To ensure accessible collaboration, The Treehouse extends its reach to MetroNational’s headquarters building via a steel and wooden bridge, which evokes the sense of an old-fashioned swinging bridge, encouraging team members to visit and work from one of the open offices or to enjoy the common spaces inside or outside of the building.

Whether a project is looking to be certified or not, we use sustainability research to save our clients money through the life cycle of their projects