Houston ISD Gregg Elementary School

Gregg Elementary

Market: K-12

Project Type: New Construction

An environmentally responsible, economically responsible, and user-responsible one-story, steel-frame structure over a concrete slab with drilled and under-reamed concrete piers. Interior and exterior materials selected recalled the context of the neighborhood and fulfilled LEED benchmarks: regional manufacturing, recycled materials, “renew-ability,” low or no chemical odors, and creativity in development. Grade levels are organized into “wings” with each having labs for art, computers, and science. Water efficiency is maximized inside and out through the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures, proximity sensors, and high-efficiency irrigation controllers. Used construction materials with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) along with lighting, enhanced commissioning of the mechanical and energy systems, HVAC controls, and CO2 level monitoring.

The initial budget was $2 million over the Owner’s budget. As a team, we sat down to review the budget line by line to validate assumptions made and analyze potential VE savings. This reduced the over by more than $1 million. The balance of the average was COH-driven requirements. The COH had an unusual underground detention requirement that appeared in the permitting plan review. This was resolved by the same approach of meeting as a team with the COH to understand their expectations and find alternate ways to address them.

Location: 6701 Roxbury Road, Houston, TX 77087

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