Lone Star College – Kingwood

Lone Star College – Kingwood

Market: Higher Education

Project Type: Renovation

220,000 total SF renovation/rebuild/campus upgrade project of six (6) buildings after campus was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. Each building is re-designed to accommodate up-to-date technology, new MEP equipment, and finishes for each specific program. Campus technology upgrades pushed back the start of construction, but the completion date did not change. We were able to come up with a schedule and get buy-in from the subcontractor community to complete the renovation of 5 Buildings in 16 weeks. Each building was set up to host different programs that ranged from cosmetology to graphic design, to performing arts, health, kinesiology to nursing, and respiratory. The last building (Library) was a complete renovation and re-build and the Owner wanted this building to be suited for a flexible setup. The Owner can re-configure the space at any time and it will take just a few hours to re-set everything. The biggest issue we faced was the unknown of the MEP system.  LSC lost everything in the flood, so the design team has little to go in when re-designing all of the new layouts. This is where the subcontractors played an important role in providing feedback. In the end, the end users got everything they wanted, and the facilities/building engineering department was able to make the buildings run more efficiently from an MEP standpoint.

Location: 2000 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339

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