The Treehouse at Memorial City

The Treehouse at Memorial City

Market: Office

Project Type: New Construction

A two-story 14,700 SF structure, The Treehouse at Memorial City is a landmark of sustainability in Houston. With a double LEED Platinum rating (both core and shell, and interior buildout), The Treehouse serves as a collaborative environment for all of Memorial City’s development activities.

The Treehouse at Memorial City boasts a geothermal heating and cooling system, daylight harvesting lights that automatically adjust in response to changing levels of natural light, and a green roof complete with solar panels, rainwater collection, wind turbine, and a rooftop garden. The Treehouse extends its reach to MetroNational’s headquarters via steel and wooden bridge, which evokes the sense of an old-fashioned swinging bridge, encouraging team members to visit and work from one of the open offices or to enjoy the common spaces inside or outside of the building.

Location: 963 Bunker Hill Road, Houston, TX 77024

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