Hotel Zaza and The McCarthy:
2018 AGC Apex Sliver 
2018 HBJ Landmark Award
2018 Texas Building Branch 

2018 ASA Outstanding Project of the Year

AGC CSEA Willis Towers Watson 1st Place Nationally 


Rice Brian Patterson Sports Performance Center:
2017 HBJ Landmark Award

Houston Business Journal's Largest Contractors:
2017 HJB Largest Contractors in Houston

Houston Business Journal Top Places to Work:
2017 HBJ Top Places to Work in Houston




Air Liquide:
2016 AGC Apex Gold - Interior
2016 Alliant Build America Merit Award
2016 HBJ Landmark Award - Office Building

Cemex Headquarters:
2016 HBJ Landmark Award - Project Lease

The Treehouse Memorial City:
2016 AGC Apex Gold - Interior
2016 AGC Apex Silver - Office Building

The Treehouse Memorial City:
2015 AGC Alliant Build America Merit Award
2015 HJB Landmark Award – Workplace Interior
2014 AGC Texas Building Branch Outstanding Construction Award

Air Liquide:
2015 HJB Landmark Award – Project Lease