What Pre-Construction Looks Like

October 27, 2023
What a pre-construction meeting looks like

What Pre-Construction Looks Like

Creating a building is an excellent opportunity to construct a welcoming space that suits your needs. Achieving your desired results requires in-depth collaboration and a meeting with your builder to establish your goals and expectations. You and any other decision-maker should attend the pre-construction meeting to ensure you start your project on the right foot and remain on schedule.

Keep reading to learn what to expect in pre-construction.

What Is Pre-Construction?

Pre-construction services involve collaboration with all stakeholders. This meeting occurs throughout the planning process and design phases before construction begins. Pre-construction involves reviewing all the details about your property and the building process. Extensive pre-construction work ensures the company you’re working with understands and values your input and can integrate it into every aspect of the project. Pre-Construction meetings are an opportunity to discuss your expectations, needs, and wants deeply to ensure you can achieve your desired results.

What the Builder Will Go Over During Pre-Construction

Pre-construction consists of many important details including schedule and budget. These aspects will be crucial to your project, so addressing any concerns and needs immediately will help keep your project on schedule and ensure you obtain the results you want. Some of the items that should be addressed through the planning process include:

  • Program
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Site Use
  • Phasing
  • Material Selection
  • Permitting
  • Long Lead Items
  • Procurement
  • Subcontractor/Vendor Involvement

Owner Expectations

One of the most important aspects of Pre-Construction is setting your expectations. Building a new structure or renovating a current one requires many different moving parts, including contractors, vendors and materials. Every worker involved in the process must complete specific tasks before they can move forward to the next stages of your project. This is an opportunity to set your expectations and ensure you are on the same page as your builder and corresponding teams.

At this time, you should also discuss the proper actions to take if something goes wrong. You can agree on how often to check your building’s progress to ensure you can catch mistakes early to save time and money later. You can always express any concerns with your builder, but being honest about your needs and goals as early as possible will reduce the chances you need to make adjustments later.

Ask Questions During Pre-Construction

Pre-construction empowers you to set your expectations and become on the same page as your builder. Be sure to ask questions and gather as much information as possible to avoid making changes and reducing mistakes in the long run.

Keys to Success in Pre-Construction

  • Collaboration
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings
  • Ask Questions about Your Project

Can You Change Things After Construction Starts?

You can make changes to your building after pre-construction, but adjustments can be costly and impact your deadline. Some changes, such as adding an additional room or creating a new space may not be possible. Other changes, such as design options, will provide some leeway for your project.

Schedule a Pre-Construction Meeting With Anslow-Bryant

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